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Posted by davejalbert on February 28, 2014 at 12:25 AM

Don't ignore your chance of getting ignored by her if your text to her are lame. You can learn to text girls properly but you need to work on it and refine it. You don't know the power of knowing the stuff that makes her crave with desire. Polishing your skills with the phone starts with knowing what you're doing wrong right now. Don't send her anything that might bore her to tears, that's the first. Make it seem like you're different from all the other guys texting her all the time.

You know how it is with texting girls, it can be trouble. If you rely too much on what you know now, a single slip can mean goodbye. Learn the skills needed to get the girl over text, it's a must these days, you know. When you think about texting her, make sure you follow a sure game plan to get her out. It's up to you if you want to share what you know will all the other dudes you know. They assume that the reason the girl loses interest is because she didn't like him.

And if she's not texting you, don't flood her inbox with your mindless lame texts. Use text messages to create intrigue and suspense. If you text her too much too soon, you'll only make her used to your texts.

And don't mistake texting as a proper conversation, there's a better way to do that. If you really like her, make sure you do it right. Don't make the same mistake most guys make, showing too much thirst for a reply. Read magnetic messaging book review. But for the initial texts, don't wait too long before you text her. You don't want to wait too long when it's the first text, doing so will only make your chances worse. Most girls prefer it that way so don't wait because you don't have to. Do it while she still remembers who you are and how she met you.

So when you text her and your number appears, there's no guessing who it came from. Never receive any weird message from any girl when you text them for the first time.

Her attention is already divided when you know she goes out more than twice a week. If you don't text her when you have the chance, she'll forget you like you never existed. And she'll lose any interest she had in you. When you're not the only one texting her, you need to stand out from the crowd. Don't forget your charm when you text her, though, if you want a response from her. Don't be boring when you text her so she won't forget the fun times with you when you met her. Just think about and carry on the fun vibe you had when you met her. It is that simple. Think of something you did with her and the funny moments you shared together. And before you send her the text, think whether she would reply or not. Ask yourself if the text you're about to send is exciting and different.

Chances are, if something makes you laugh, maybe it will make her laugh, too. It doesn't how much you like her, what matters is how much she likes you. Checking your phone all the time is a symptom of that. Beware. Your mistakes will pile up and you'll only lose her the moment that happens. The dangers of this is clear as day, neediness and desperation gets a power up. Another more dangerous think could happen, you'll start to get jealous without knowing it. This will make her flake on you if you're not careful. Think about it, if you don't even know that much about her, you can't be that jealous of anything in the first place. If you're not getting as much of her time as you like, that's no reason to be sad. Show her that you're different from all the other guy she knows. Don't forget that there other girls on your phone better than her.

And beware of sending anything too needy or anything needy at all. It can kill attraction instantly than any other way. That means not replying to every single little message you get from her. Take your time and let her wait, the world won't end when you do.

And of course, you don't want to send her too many text more than you need to. Match her on that count and don't be any more than or only less. Don't overuse emoticons and flatter her all the time. Avoid anything that can make you regret ever sending her that text. Remember to think about each text you send her, and not just for you own sake. Don't talk about anything not worth talking about unless you just want to be friends with her. Don't fall into that trap of just being friends with her. Why not just tease her and build more attraction. If you can, text her as if you're having the time of your life. Be sure to be different and stand out from the rest of the guys she knows. Tease her as you would a girl who you're close with.

This should make her keep thinking about you. Make her wonder if she's missing out by not being with you. Don't answer everything she ask no matter how important it is. Add personality to your text, make it short if you can and vague. Don't repeat the mistakes all the guys make with boring questions.

Keep in mind that you're not in an interview so avoid the questions already. Remember to include some personality to a message that will make her want to respond. Make her laughing out loud and get her addicted to your text messages. You can do that. To get her laughing on your first text, anything that's funny before can still be funny now. But don't be too predictable with everything you do. Keep her guessing, too. So when you reply to her, don't send it faster than a lightning bolt from Zeus. Let her wait for some time so she can thin about you more. It also gives her some thrill of waiting for you next message. It's very important that you remember this. Make her feel good about getting them and be sure it has a good effect on her. Get good at texting girls and you'll thank me later. Even if you stumble on the first try don't give up just because of that. If it's hard for you to think of what to send to her, there's always a way.

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