The Facts About Humor and Laughter

Posted by davejalbert on September 28, 2013 at 3:35 AM

Use humor into your daily life and you're guaranteed to be more happy, and those around you happy. You can reduce their stress levels and improve the quality of the interaction. Dates that have no laughs are boring and dreadful to be a part of. Boring date. Add humor. Becomes a good and enjoyable date for the both of you. Same with relationships that have almost no life and about to die can meet salvation if humor used at the right time. Seriously.

Why is laughter so important when attracting women? Because most girls are most attracted to humor. And best of all, your other bad qualities will be overshadowed by your good humor. Certainly, laughing can make people feel amazing. And it brings them closer, too. Who doesn't want that?

Humor is like glue and laughter is how you apply that glue to people if you want to make them bond and stick together. Humor makes it easier for us to connect with others. Humor helps us forget about bad emotions and replace it with good feelings. Think about it, you can be happy and sad, really sad at the same time. One has to be stronger than the other.

Make someone laugh, and watch her change state right in front of you. When we are happy, we talk more, make more eye contact, and touch others. If she seems to be lacking energy, again, use humor to get her excited and moving. It's really great for your health, too.

Women are absolutely ecstatic about men with good sense of humor. That's all according to recent surveys. having just a little bit of sense of humor can be a good asset when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

It's decided, use high status humor from social fluency whenever you get the chance and the girls will appreciate you more for it, just don't go overboard. A guy who is very serious in life makes the conversation heavy and boring. Funny men are even considered more intelligent since they can joke about things instantly at a moments notice. if you have a good sense of humor, it means you're also creative. Another important skill: They can understand other people's point of view.

It is often said that Laughter is the best medicine. It's good for the emotion, too. Humor makes you healthier as it lowers stress and allows you to relax. And makes you heal faster, too. Now it makes sense what a good sense of humor really does to your body and why women like it so much. The days are just better with someone who can make you laugh. Bad days doesn't seem to affect them that much, they just move on.

Even when you are not attractive physically, women will be drawn to you if you have a sense of humor. Get her to relax more, even more relaxed than she used to. Then she can open up to you better. She just feels better when she's with a guy who can make her laugh and enjoy.

Make her laugh. Just do it. Don't ask anymore questions. Get her laughing and get her attracted. It's that simple. Everything can be made funny but don't make fun of everything. Also add some teasing while you're at it.

Make your relationships last longer and happier. Studies show that people who joke with their spouses in everyday situations tend to be happier in their relationship than couples who don't. Isn't it funny when you think about how things could be better by just using one simple thing we already have.

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