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Posted by davejalbert on February 19, 2014 at 2:20 AM

If you're a nice guy, chances are, you don't always get the girl you want. You could whine or you could change your attitude and adopt some badass behaviors.  If you want to change, there's some easy things you can do. Improve your vocabulary.  Use the psychological advantage of powerful, aggressive words. Show strength and power in your words and how you speak those words. 

Say what's on your mind. If the time comes to speak up, do it and say what you want to say.  And most of time, you'll only say what other people are afraid to say themselves.  When you do say what you want, stay behind it all the way. 

If you want to be a badass, know that it can mean something very different for some people in society.  What's important is, if you want to attract women, it's good to have a little of that badass attitude incorporated into your life.  You don't want the women to turn away from you so keep your badass self in check when you do.  You can be a lot better with women when you get to do this automatically every time you meet a gorgeous woman.  You'll have more opportunities to get to know them better after the initial contact. 

Most girls will give you their drinks if you want them.  I'm pretty sure this is exciting stuff for you if it's something new to you after being exposed to the tao of badass program.  And you'll see this in the way women respond and communicate to you on a regular basis.  If you can bring out your inner badass when you meet women, whether you want something short term or long term, being a badass will give you a definite edge. 

Women will think of you differently and they won't think of you as just friends.  Many girls who will encounter your charm will always be captivated by your badass attitude and lifestyle.  This makes it easier when you want to go out with the women you meet for another time.  You can be sure you're standing out from all of her other prospects.   

Learn to become a refined badass wherever you go.  Much success awaits you at the end when you can do this with every woman.  This will include the skills and techniques so few men have.  That when you can use them, you'll easily see why you haven't had any real success meeting women.  Make yourself the badass women are looking for all their life using something easily accessible.   

You'll find a lot of cutting edge tactics for turning yourself into a badass with women.  As well as getting yourself the badass attitude when you're around women.  As these are virtually unknown to most guys, you know the possibility you possess in your hands, don't you?  You can be more confident around women and hold your own during various situations.  

If you're still wondering what the right way to attract women is.  Even if you spend a lot of your time thinking about it, some things are meant to be learned from others. 

If you want something that you can use right away to help you meet women, it's here.  Looks is always important.  Get to the point of looking good while still being unique about yourself.  Get around town and find something you can use as your style and make use of it in your fashion.  The goal is to make women look at you with desire as you make yourself attractive and desirable with the tao of badass download

Become good at making conversation with anyone not just women, should be next.  The secret is to captivate your audience with the power of your chosen words.  Make her interested in what you are about to say next. Ask her what she likes without being too obvious about it and get her telling you all these things.  Keep her entertained and interested with everything but don't take it too far.  Know these by heart so you can easily make yourself the guy she wants to talk to.   

Though it's not the only way to attract women and start dating any girl you want.  If you've been someone who find it hard to connect and communicate with the girl you like, the time has come.  This will definitely help you overcome most of the anxiety you will face from now on.  In that way, any relationship you might have will also improve.  Go ahead and try this out, you'll be surprised at the success you'll get.  If you think it will still be difficult, wait until you've tried it.  Get started with your journey of communicating effectively with women.   

You may feel that you don't have it right now, but with your commitment you know you can do it.  It will also help you navigate through your relationships when you're on that stage. 

Becoming a confident man and a badass with women is no longer a dream but a reality. Take this time and be social, you might not have this kind of opportunity some other time.   



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