How to get your ex back for good

Posted by davejalbert on March 23, 2016 at 11:15 PM

How do you get your ex back for good?

Well... not by pleading and declaring your love with the promise you'd change or say anything to please her.

Or crying your heart out, with tears and snot and all, while you get down on your knees begging, hoping she'll have pity on your poor soul. And showing that without her you're now broken and completely obsessed with her ... scaring her away because there's a guy acting like a pride-less loser in her front door that looks just like her ex who used to be a cool guy.

... Not by calling constantly, or sending multiple text messages a day hoping she'll give in, raise the white flag, and come running back teary eyed because she can't take it anymore ... to only pressure her to distance herself away from you because she feels like she doesn't have any choice.

... Not by hovering around wherever she is like a creepy stalker and 'accidentally' bumping into her every day and talking about your old relationship ... until she get sick of you and want see less and less of you, making her realize she didn't want to be with you anymore.

... Not even by buying her flowers with a nice card, and calling her friends and family asking for help, knowing her friends and family will take her side, (and if not, she'll quickly convince them to) ... making her resent you more for getting her friends and family involved in the breakup.

... And of course, not by putting your life on hold and reserving yourself while you wait for her 'figure things out', thinking about her all the time ... trapping yourself in your old relationship unable to let go and move on.

Actually, you should forget about your old relationship. Consider it gone for good. Your old relationship is dead. Bringing it back to life, along with all its issues and reasons why your relationship ended, will only put you back where you are right now.

That's not how you get your ex back, not by being desperate and needy, making mediocre efforts, or being careless.

You probably know how ineffective they are and how they can actually hurt you when trying to get your ex back, and push your girl further away into the arms of another man. Suddenly, you'll just get news from some friends that she's out with a new guy.

If you're serious about getting your ex back... for good...

You should plan it out carefully. You need an excellent strategy to get your ex back that involves...

Taking some time off... to give yourself some time get over the initial pain of the break and think about what you really want. This means stopping all contact, including Facebook.

Taking a look at what led to your break up. Breakups don't happen out of the blue. There are warning signs here and there you might not have noticed, or simply ignored. It's a good idea to get clear on the 'real' reason why the relationship ended.

Thinking why you want her back and if you really want her back. If it's because you don't like  being single, or you feel sad and lonely, that doesn't mean you should be with her. Those feelings will go away with time. (Another reason for taking some time off.)

Working on yourself. Get a fresh start, new hair style, new clothes -- not to impress her but to get your confidence back. Work on loving yourself... because the better your self-esteem the better prepared you'll be when you try to get your ex back.

Be the guy she was attracted to. It's a must to get your ex back.

Developing the skills with women you might have lost over the years: flirting, attracting women, arousing women, making women horny. The set of skills most guys forgets when it gets comfortable in the relationship. Focus on these right now before it becomes too late, and before she meets another guy who flirts, tease, turns her on, and arouses her the way you used to.

Reconnecting with text. Make sure you do a lot of the preparatory before you initiate contact. Then you can remind her of the good times you shared in a subtle way. You can even share lighthearted memories with her. And dropping hints you're still interested along the way.

Reminding her of the person she fell in love with... to give her reasons to remember all things she loves about you, and accentuate the things you know she loves: your sense of humor, your confidence, your charm. And you'll be able to do the subtle things that attracted her in the first place.

And of course, meeting with your ex. It's important to show you've moved past your old relationship. If you make her feel the same old you, that will turn her off and she won't be interested in giving you another shot. Use the attraction techniques and conversation skills you learned to make her feel different about you.

When she feels attraction and respect she never felt before, she'll feel that her life isn't right without you in it and rationalize things as being a sign to give things another chance.

Along the way, if you can make her feel like she could lose you to someone else, turn her attention from the bad times to the good times you've had together, and make her crave you in a sexual way... she can't help but get back to.

That's how you get your ex back!

You do it step by step, following a set plan and strategy that's been proven to get exes back time and time again. Although getting your ex back is not gonna be easy, there's no quick fix to a broken relationship.

And... if you want a step-by-step plan that holds your hand along the way, complete with a proven long-term strategy that uses a specific sequence of text messages with detailed examples that show you exactly what to text, when to send the text, which will make your ex...

Focus on what she secretly loves about you and see you in a new way,

Forgive you for everything you feel you've done wrong,

Forget about any other man,

Quickly change her attitude towards you, think about you, and fantasize about you,

Starts calling you to hear your voice,

Finally begs you to be together to talk and do anything she has to wrap herself in your arms again, and swear getting back together was her idea.

You can check out Michael Fiore's Text Your Ex Back. It has sneaky tricks, relationship hacks, and uses a lot of human psychology to re-awaken her attraction to you, help her decide to give you another shot, and get her convinced that seeing you was her idea... so when you get back together, you stay together.

Through Text Your Ex Back, you'll get a real, legitimate shot at winning your ex back.


Article first published at: http://attractwomenbooks.net/how-to-get-your-ex-back-for-good/


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